Diseases Treated

Diseases Treated

According to Professor Buteyko, chronic hyperventilation syndrome (CHVS) is a root cause of the most common chronic diseases – therefore the emphasis of treatment is always to reverse the CHVS. Even so, different disease types and varying severity require different strategies for effective reversal.

In addition, cleansing reactions which are a part of the process wherein toxins and infections are discharged and the body heals itself, require special attention and vary from condition to condition.

Please note:

1.We have categorized diseases by the general degree of skill, attention and time to treat.

2.Naturally the degree of the condition and medications have a significant influence on treatment. Several conditions are in more than one category to reflect this variance.

3.Rapid improvement of symptoms often occurs before the underlying condition is optimally treated.

4.An assessment consultation will provide the best estimate of realistic outcome of treatment – which is often different from the guide below.

5. The following guide is based on average practical experience and is therefore imperfect – but may give some realistic indication as to what can be expected:

+ routinely fully reversible
++ routinely rendered asymptomatic or close to it
+++ routinely improved with significant reductions in symptoms but remain as a vulnerability
^ routinely improved – but degree of symptomatic improvement is variable and often limited
^^ requires individual assessment to provide indication

(Basic Training – 30 days)

allergies +
anxiety +
arrhythmia (intermittent) +
asthma +
blocked nose +
bronchitis +
circulatory problems (mild) +
cough +
constipation +
eczema (in children) +
high blood pressure (mild) +
insomnia +
obesity (mild) +
prone to cold and flu +
sleep apnea (mild) +
snoring +
stuttering +
tachycardia +

(Intermediate Training 1-3 months)

agoraphobia +
angina +
arrhythmia +
arthritis (onset) ++
arthritis +++
asthma (use of oral steroid) +
bipolar +
cardio vascular (mild) +
chronic fatigue (intermittent) +
colitis +
circulatory problems (Reynauds’s etc) +
COPD (onset) ++
diabetes type 2 (without insulin) +
depression +
eczema (adults) +
emphysema(onset) +++
erectile dysfunction +
high blood pressure, antagonistic ++
high cholesterol +
Infertility +
lupus (early) +
migraine +
multiple sclerosis (asymptomatic or few symptoms) +++
obesity (severe and or with other conditions) +
partial paralysis ++
psoriasis ++
tinnitus +
post natal syndrome +
sleep apnoea (with complications) +

(Complex Training 6+ months)

asthma (severe brittle) +++
bronchiectasis ^
cancer ^^
COPD (advanced) ^
cardio vascular (severe) ^^
cerebral palsy ++
crohns +
chronic fatigue (constant) ++
cystic fibrosis +++
diabetes type 1 +++
diabetes type 2 (insulin dependent) +++
emphysema (advanced) ^
lupus +++
multiple sclerosis (advanced) ^^


There is an increasingly common phenomenon wherein patients suffer multiple apparently unconnected and often unusual symptoms for which there is no clear diagnosis or treatment. Often potent drug treatments are prescribed which further damage the health. We have seen numerous patients in such situations – it is actually more common than people may realize  For people in such situations, developing an understanding and a practice at Buteyko’s approach often yields quick positive results – although a full recovery often takes a considerable time.


An assessment consultation can be arranged by contacting Learn Buteyko.

If you require assistance – please let us know your number (with country code), time zone and a convenient time to call and we’ll have someone from customer help call.

Assessment consultations can be provided tor simple cases by an Associate Practitioner – but for moderate and serious cases need to be conducted by a Senior Practitioner or Senior Consultant.

Prior to a consultation a patient Information form should be submitted – it can be filled and sent online from. Assessment consultations usually take around 30 – 40 mins.