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By Naomi S

I feel very privileged and honoured to have had Kostas and Lana come into my life, and at precisely the right time too. They constantly and consistently go well beyond the call of duty with their clients. As well as helping with my medical conditions, I felt supported by them on every level with their warm and caring approach. A have a number of chronic health conditions and have seen endless practitioners in the past, both conventional and holistic. Although I have tried to stay optimistic, nothing has helped me. However I am now experiencing very significant improvements to these conditions as well as my general health. I will keep going back to Total Health Now as I believe I have struck gold!

By Spiros Vogias

Awesome experience!!! I had a session with Kostas and I can only say that it was incredible. Kostas is a real professional. He has a vast knowledge on how a healthy body should be operating and therefore he can easily identify key issues/causes that may affect it and hence “miss-function.” Furthermore, he can explain this to you in a very concise and simple way and suggest/recommend a solution. I followed his recommendation and I straight away felt better. I felt more energetic, lighter, more relaxed. In other words, healthier! I would strongly recommend Kostas.

By C Christophi Kella

I was diagnosed with a very aggresive Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) three years ago. My rheumatologist started me out on high dosage of Hydroxychloroquine and Sulfasalazine. Shortly after taking the medication 80% of the symptoms were gone but I wasn’t happy with the thought that I had to take this medication for the rest of my life, so I started seeking another solution.A close friend recommended Kostas Kapelas to me. Kostas offered easy to understand explanations, nutritional advice and guidance. After eight months the results were astonishing. I no longer have the need to take any drugs. On my last blood test my rheumatologist was shocked with the results. All of the symptoms have now gone!The bonus in my story is that for some peculiar reason I haven’t had a cold, flu or even a sore throat this year, I was very vulnerable to catching winter ailments.I’m also having better sleep at nights and more energy during the day.I want to thank Kostas for his professional guidance and knowledge who helped me to make a total health turnaround. Kostas is a fantastic motivator, an excellent holistic practitioner and I would highly recommend his services unreservedly!

By Brigitte T

The Breathing Re-training Course made an immediate impact on my life. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep at night, and for several weeks leading up to the course I had many nights of insomnia. After only three days into the course, I was falling asleep immediately and sleeping through the night. This alone has greatly improved my quality of life!Also, after about three weeks of (imperfectly) following the breathing exercise recommendations, my cell tissues oxygenation doubled and reached the “safe zone” according to an easy to follow breathing test. Once this happened, I had a noticeable improvement in my chronic digestive issues, and I was able to decrease the amount of supplements taken at each meal. During the re-training, I experienced several cleansing reactions due to some other chronic issues, and had it not been for the daily and then weekly support, I probably would have given up the exercises and not worked through them.Another benefit of the group course is that I learned a lot by hearing other people’s questions and experiences with the exercises. I have to say, too, that the weekly follow-up meetings were invaluable to me. They helped me stay on course as I developed new breathing habits, and Kostas addressed the questions and new experiences that came up, giving me very helpful, personalized suggestions.Overall, I learned a lot during this course and had a very positive experience. I came out with some immediate results as well as the tools I need to improve my health in the long-term. Kostas’ positive energy is contagious, and it is clear that he really wants to help people through this class and not just sell himself or some products, as is so prevalent with online classes you’ll find elsewhere.

By Philip Chan

An amazing experience getting immediate benefits from Day 1 (5 days training) to help to lower my very high blood pressure and other benefits.Can’t wait to share all I have learned to improve the health of my 9 Grand children and friends.This could be Life changing for an Old Age pensioner like me to get my health back. Thank you Kostas from my heart.

By Romy Jardine

Excellent super healthy detox and optimum health training regime.The detox helped re-set our appetites and food tastes completely.Far healthier now than before.thanks very much to Kostas and Lana.

By Maria Zoutsou

Thank you Kostas for the amazing Breathing course!As always, not only did you deliver but you went the extra mile too! The course content was very educational and thought provoking, the interaction and our feedback during sessions were invaluable as I learnt not only from my experience of doing the exercises but also from the other participants’ comments and findings. As for your input, passion and enthusiasm – absolutely priceless!I am very aware now of my breathing habits and I know how to top up my oxygenation levels when I do need a top up. A big difference that I’ve seen is in my singing. As I sing in a choir, I practise my breathing exercises before we start and the result is incredible. Firstly, at the end of the 2-hr singing, I feel totally energised, and not exhausted as before. Secondly, I feel that the quality of my voice has improved and others in the choir have also commented on this too! The course has also helped me with my overall energy levels, focus and it has strengthened my immune system too.I think this course is a must for everyone and it should definitely be in everyone’s toolkit!I also had a Bioresonance session recently and I felt so free and light afterwards! Literally, I felt as if I’d come out of a yoga class! I don’t know how it happened but my whole body felt totally relaxed and supple and free of tension. Thank you again, Kostas, for your generosity of time and energy!

By Joanna Boxley

“Thank you so much for a great course. It was very helpful and informational. Kostas is a great and inspirational teacher. He is also very kind and supportive. The price is very reasonable as it includes repeating the course which is very important, as I feel re-attending the course would be very helpful to deepen the understanding. It was a privilege to learn from Kostas and I can’t wait to revisit it.”

By Joan Fanus

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kostos and Lana immensely for their high level of professionalism, guidance and experties for the Health MOT which they did for me. As a menopausal woman in my 50’s I’ve tried so many things to help resolve the issues that come about with menopause. However, none of them can rival the support and guidance that I received from Kostas and Lana at Total Health Now Clinic. They use the latest medical screening system which is powerfully Amazing. One of the tools used showed the internal organs as it removes toxins and cleanses the system in a magnificent way. After doing the Health MOT, I felt rejuvinated and lighter. I now have a greater sense of general well being as I feel healthier and fitter. I no longer feel the congestion in my lower abdomen. I can sleep better at nights and do not wake up during the night. I sleep soundly. Through the work, guidance and support given, there was a general energy shift within me. I highly recommend Kostas and Lana from Total Health Now Clinic as the Go- to- Qualified Health Practitioners. I will encourage everyone who is concerned about their health to try Total Health Now. The value you receive is worth more than it’s weight in gold. They are concerned about helping you to find the right solutions that you need about the health problems that are keeping you awake at nights.

By Sonia Wesley

I attended Lana’s Veggie bread workshop and was amazed at how quick, easy and tasty the dishes were. The workshop was a lot of fun and very relaxed. Lana tailored the recipes to suit our individual families needs and gave a wealth of extra tips and advice. I would highly recommend this workshop and look forward to attending more in the future.

By Andrew Perrier

I took part in the online Breathe Retraining Live course and wanted to share my experience. Firstly the benefits I have had since taking the course have been life changing. Beyond the physical benefits of the breathing technique (ridding myself of snoring and some sinus issues), the course goes deep, and for me, it had a meditative, mindful element to the daily breathing practice. I felt more in tune and connected with myself. Imagine having more energy, needing less sleep, having your physical fitness improved – so no more lethargy. This course brings all these re-balances to you and more.Kostas gives clear and patient guidance, delivered in a fun and inclusive way, so you get the science and understanding, along with the numerous benefits to your long term health. I just wish I had discovered this course sooner! Thank you Kostas.

By Χρήστος Παπαλέκας

I truly want to thank Kostas and Lana for their warmth and their professional guidance which made a difference to my every day life… I feel revitalised and refreshed. Many thanks, your knowledge and support helped me to solve my IBS problem and to replenish my energy

By Sarah Pennock

I was very excited about my initial assesment with kostas, someone who could help diagnose the root causes of many re-occurring and persistent problems. I wasn’t disappointed! Kostas is a marvellous holistic practioner and motivator whose passion, commitment and dedication to his practice shines through. He was able to get to the root of physical problems, offered me excellent practical and nutritional advice and was able to direct me to appropriate products that would support me on my journey back to health. The most important thing. I felt empowered to make the changes. MANY THANKS😊😊

By Saadia Baig

Life-transforming treatment and advice. I work in Natural medicine myself and needed help shifting post baby weight and the Rejuva Detox is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I feel lighter, am losing loads of weight (not muscle) and at the same time have more energy and a better mood. My skin is bright and clear. More importantly, I feel absolutely safe and supported by Kostas and Lana, help is there whenever I need it. I am also picking up knowledge and tools that are well above the value of my investment, that will last a lifetime and benefit both my family and I. This ranges from how to protect my family from EMFs to kinesiology for treatment. I cannot recommend them enough.

By Jacob Roig

Kostas and the Kapelas System is a way for me to regain my health, Better Sleep, Optimal Energy, Kickstarting my Immune System and a game changing way to approach taking control of my health and life! I did the 5 day Breathing course and Kostas style, delivery and easy to understand explanations and guidance were fabulous! Thank you Kostas, I am grateful.

By Marijus Asus

Kostas is one of the few health profesionals, who is passionate and dedicated to his cause. He will walk an extra mile with the patient to make the treatment work and get the results. The ongoing support through the hard times during the treatment is priceless.

By Claudia Jordon

Total Health Now – RejuvaDetox+ is the most positive thing I have done for myself. On day one I was feeling low in energy, I had red patches on my face, I had a lot of inflammation and over all I felt I really needed a change. The whole process was a learning curve for me in terms of nutrition and Lana was always so supportive, full of advice and encouragement. On day 28 I felt so clean, my skin was glowing (no more red spots) and I lost 10lbs! My whole family has benefited from this, now my children also eat better, I highly recommended.”Claudia Jordon, Child-minder – London

By Lola Tate

Simply Amazing. I came out of my first session with Kostas feeling like a new woman. There was a different kind of energy within me. I felt lighter, more relaxed and yet stronger. Kostas also provided a wealth of information and tips on things I could implement straight away at home. Small changes that had a huge impact. Thank you so much!!

By Wendy Dos Santos

I went to Total Health Now as I was desperate to lose weight. I had been stressed for a while and my body had taken the brunt of that. My shape was out of control, my waistline had expanded along with the rest of my body and I hated it! Within a week of working with Lana and Kostas everything started to change. In the first week, I could get into my old jeans that had been thrown in the cupboard for 2 years. By the forth week I looked and felt amazing and friends, family and acquaintances were commenting and the old Wendy had returned… I got my groove back.Physically the programme was a success, mentally it was phenomenal – I could at long last think clearly. Moreover, my new way of eating was so great that my husband and son couldn’t get enough – we all eat the wonderful and tasty food, in fact I have to hide a lot of it as they devour it before I get a look in.RejuvaDetox+ is an amazing product, with excellent mentoring and personal care taken by Lana and Kostas is second to none both during the programme but also afterwards. A product is only as good as the managers or creators – they are excellent and have completely changed my perspective on what I should eat – I will never look back.This product is worth every single penny – I would not hesitate to recommend them, they are the weight loss gurus. “Wendy dos Santos Interior Designer

By L Klein

Kostas and Lana are very dedicated, attentive, passionate and knowledgeable. They regularly went the extra mile when they thought it could help me. Would recommend them to friends. Thank you!

By Katia Boustani

Kostas and Lana of Total Health Now put me through a detox plan which I can say, was instrumental in helping me on many different levels. After the detox I had lost weight, felt clear and clean in my body, my skin improved incredibly, I had more clarity and focus, I became happier and felt more empowered and learned a lot about myself and my eating habits in the process. I highly recommend one of their eating plans, they are lovely genuine people who care about their work and deliver quality service and results. Katia Boustani

By Lisa Lee

I found Kostas through research on the internet in my quest to help my son who was suffering regularly with night terrors. I had found it very challenging to find any helpful information on what might be causing them or anyone that could help, but I knew something was triggering them. Kostas was able to help us understand what was happening and we saw an immediate and massive reduction in the night terrors. The results are unquestionable. It has also helped me reassess the health of our entire family and make changes for us all. It’s a journey and it requires some lifestyle changes, time and effort, but Kostas and Lana have helped by spending time explaining everything and offering support. I believe a holistic approach to health is the only sensible way to go and that’s what Total Health Now is offering.

By Maria Laura Macropoulos Plytas

Finally, after all these years, I discovered how someone must breathe correctly. The breathing course with Kostas was educational and I really learned some very effective and powerful breathing techniques. Thank you Kostas

By Goran Stojanovic

I fractured my elbow three months ago and was undergoing Physio and rehabilitation. There have been amazing improvements but while stretching it is still sore in the elbow. I had bio-resonance treatment with Kostas specifically for that area and I was amazed that the pain went immediately down by about 80%. Can’t wait to have more. Thank you

By DelaniiKM

Wow!!! Just finished my last colonic treatment from the gall bladder and liver detox and wow(!) I can’t believe I feel so alive! More than I did when i went in this morning! practitioner Helena says it’s me (such a sweetheart 😍) but was it the coffee enema that’s got me so alive and buzzing??? 😃 if so, I love it! If not, I STILL love it! 😆🤣😃😍. Thank you & Kostas SO much for suggesting the treatment. I was dubious at first and half heartily went with it but after this morning, especially, I’m SO very glad I had this full treatment! It supersedes all what I felt and experienced through the detox. Thank you again! Much ❤. 😘