We run bespoke corporate programme to help improve the health of your employees. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • More Energy
  • Less sickness
  • Stress resilience
  • Better performance and productivity
  • Better focus
  • Absence reduction
  • Better mood and energy


We also run bespoke events for our corporate clients, here are a few popular ones:


Total Health Now has been specialising in empowering and inspiring clients to eat delicious and nutritious superfoods that taste amazing, whilst optimising health and vitality levels. So this workshop fits in well with our key objective.

In this inspirational class, you experience the art of raw, organic, handmade chocolate making. You can eat them any time without a hint of guilt, and that includes for breakfast!

Schedule this fun and educational class that reveals what you’ve been waiting to hear … yes, chocolate is good for you!

At the Total Health Now Raw Chocolate & Superfood Workshop

  • discover how to make and decorate your own delicious and nutritious chocolates and truffles, which you’ll take home in a beautiful box (this would cost around £10 in the shops).
  • see a demonstration of THREE different chocolate recipes.
  • learn why it is a good reason to eat this nutritious superfood along with its mood-elevating, energising, immune boosting, appetite suppressing and aphrodisiac powers.
  • receive the recipes via email after the class, along with links to other educational websites, which we will discuss in the class.
  • all the recipes taught in the class are specifically designed to suit children’s taste – and get them to eat more nutritional and vitamin-rich superfoods.
  • by the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to make a fabulous range of raw chocolate recipes (which can also be made with normal cocoa powder) and you’ll know exactly what to use to replace sugar, dairy, wheat and soya as ingredients.
  • tasters and herbal/chocolate tea available throughout.
  • an opportunity to ask questions, network and make new friends.


In this amazing workshop, you and your group will get the chance to not only enjoy and taste various healthy smoothies, but you will get to make them too. If blending the freshest juicy ingredients, mixing super-foods and sprinkling crunchy tasty treats sounds like a yummy workshop, then we have got just the thing for you.

The Branding Challenge (challenges adaptable to suit the group)

Having learnt all the essential smoothie making skills, teams will start the branding challenge to find a gap in the market for the next big drink. From a range of ingredients, participants must work together to quickly come up with a concept and create a smoothie that fills an identifiable gap in the market. Teams will have a set time to prepare and practice their pitch. Teams then have one or two minute each to present their concept. The winner is selected either by the judge (tutor) or by the teams writing down points for concept, originality, presentation, flavour and pitch. The points are added up and a winner selected.

A prize will be provided for the winning team.

A fact sheet with recipes and extra information will be provided for people to take away.

Booking Details

We run a limited number of events every month, so to book your next event please get in touch today. Lana will contact you to discuss the arrangements. For enquiries, please email her – – or call her on 0845 689 1231.