HeartMath is a scientifically-validated system of tools, techniques and computer-based technology – proven to be effective in stress reduction, learning and performance management to manage your emotions and improve health and relationships.

HeartMath is a completely non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical approach to health and well-being, and the techniques are easy to learn and use.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Transform your response to stress
  • Quickly re-balance your mind, body and emotions
  • Increase your ability to think more clearly
  • Be more intuitive and make better decisions, especially under pressure
  • Improve health, increase resilience and well–being
  • Regain and maintain personal balance
  • Decrease stress and burnout in chaotic and changing environments
  • Maximize creativity and innovation
  • Boost both work and sports performance
  • Improve your relationships through heightened awareness of yourself and others

Who’s it For?

Anyone – from top executives to young children, regardless of age, status, or beliefs, who can benefit from any of the above.

Heart Coherence

Our HeartMath healthcare providers will show you how to achieve heart coherence. Heart coherence is the term used to describe the state when the neuroligical control of your heart is in healthy balance. This is an obkectively measurable event, the effect of which is to lead the body to produce health enchancing, stress reducing biochemicals.

What to expect

Three one-hour sessions in consecutive weeks are recommended to ensure optimum results. During the sessions, a simple sensor is used to measure your heart rhythm and, with the help of the Heartmath® computer software, you are taught to make subtle, beneficial adjustments to it.

You will receive a detailed workbook and you will be will trained on Heartmath® biofeedback technology. It is the technology that provides the objective measure of progress in and between sessions.

You are advised that most clients purchase an emwave2 personal stress reliever, as whilst these are available to you in the sessions, on going and between session progress can be monitored on this machines. These are available direct from TotalHealthNow or can be purchased on line

Heartmath is a technique that will be invaluable on your everyday life