Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology ) is a way of identifying any imbalances a person has by monitoring their ability to hold their muscles against light pressure.

Each muscle is related to an organ, and also to an energy pathway called a meridian. Together the muscle, organ and meridian form a circuit. If there are chemical, emotional, structural or energetic stresses affecting the circuit, the muscle tested will feel ‘spongy’, indicating an imbalance.

Once an imbalance is found the Kinesiologist uses the muscle test again to get feedback from the person’s body about what factors are aggravating the imbalance, and what will help to rebalance it. Here’s how it works …

Each time a relevant factor is introduced the muscle’s response changes, a bit like a switch. So imagine a spongy muscle as being ‘off'; if the person then thinks of an emotional stress and the muscle is suddenly able to hold against the pressure, i.e. it switches ‘on’, that indicates that that emotional stress in involved in that imbalance.

Similarly, if a particular nutrient, when placed in the mouth, causes the muscle to switch ‘on’, we know it will be helpful. The same process can be used to find related structural problems and energetic factors.

Based on this feedback the Kinesiologist and client can discover exactly what is involved in the imbalance and devise a treatment plan. It may include nutritional supplements, various emotional stress release techniques, Bach Flower remedies, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, chakra balancing, light touch, firm reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes and more. The exact treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test about what it needs to return to health.

There is no guess work with Systematic Kinesiology.

Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP?

NLP provides the process of HOW we think, rather than what we think. It provides us with the most powerful tools and techniques to help you train your mind for success and change how you think – in the way that you want to.

The way we learn as human beings is a complex and interesting subject. We base all of our decisions on past experiences. From the very basics of how to tie a shoelace to how we interact and communicate with others. All of our learning is based on strategies – the how of what we do.

The problem we have is that sometimes, the strategies or programming that we have learnt does not provide us with the means to success. For example, if in the past, you were taught that you were to be nervous before presentations then you will be. If you learnt to enjoy and be excited about presentations, then you will.

The way our mind is “programmed” affects all areas of our lives – what are your strategies for communication, relationships, your career, health and fitness, family relationships etc – are you successful in every area of your life? Would you like to be?

We can show you the practical and easy to learn tools for success, you can start to listen into or see how your mind works; get a feel for what works for you. If you can understand how your mind works, you can make the most effortless changes to ensure that you can be successful in all areas of your life.

These are tools for everyone from any background and who have the desire to change what is not working for them, think differently and to gain the ultimate skills for life.


The nervous system (the mind), through which our experience is processed via the five senses:
Visual, Auditory Kinesthetic (touch/feel), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste)


Language and other non-verbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded ordered and given meaning. This includes:
Pictures , Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells, Words (Self talk/internal dialogue)


The ability to discover and utilise the programs that we run (our communication to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

Now; you maybe thinking “well so what” or “what does that mean exactly?”

Apologies that NLP is jargonistic. It is however, very simple to apply. Fortunately!

To understand a little further-through our five senses we take in over 2 million bits of information a second. Our brains, are unable to process that amount of information and therefore it deletes, distort and generalises that Information according to our past memories, values (what we value in life), Beliefs, attitudes, decisions, metaprograms and time/space/matter and energy.

For every thought we have and external event; we have an internal representation of that, the internal representation drives our state and the result of that is our physiology and behaviour.

Some of the programming we have is incredibly useful and is vital for our daily life; however some of the programming can be less than useful.

Think about this, we have many students that attend our course who have a little part of them that believes that they “will never amount to anything” or that they are lazy or “not as good as others”. It is very very common and we use the techniques from NLP to change this programming to enable our students to succeed beyond what they believe their potential is.

Time Line Therapy™

Throughout history, mankind has been aware of the passage of time. Aristotle was the first to mention the “stream of time” in his book Physics IV. William James spoke of linear memory storage as early as 1890. Finally, the concept, nearly forgotten, was revived in the late 1970’s with the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The Time Line Therapy™ techniques in use today are a consequence of that.

In 1985, Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. applied a therapeutic process to this concept of an internal memory storage system. The result was a collection of techniques which produces long-lasting transformation very quickly-faster than what is currently called Brief Therapy. These powerful Time Line Therapy™ techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behaviour.

Your “Time Line” is how you unconsciously store your memories or how you unconsciously know the difference between a memory from the past and a projection of the future. Behavioural change in an individual takes place at an unconscious level. People don’t change consciously. The Time Line Therapy™ process allows you to work at the unconscious level and release the effects of past negative experiences and change “inappropriate” programming in minutes rather than days, months or years.

After years of development, working with clients and publishing Time Line Therapy and The Basis Personality, Tad has become known worldwide for his Time Line Therapy™ model. It is a revolutionary new approach which has become so popular because of its ability to create quick, long lasting results.

Time Line Therapy™ can free you from your past and allow you to create your future

Time Line Therapy™ is a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life. Inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear, are responsible for preventing people from achieving the quality of life they desire. Limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “I don’t deserve a great marriage,” create false limitations and hamper your ability to create reachable and attainable goals and outcomes. Time Line Therapy™ techniques enable you to eliminate many types of issues in your past, thus allowing you to move forward toward your goals and desires.

Time Line Therapy™ is a process that assists us:

  • To let go of Negative Emotions from the past
  • To let go of Limiting Decisions(Beliefs) from the past
  • Create our future the way we want it.

These are the three major techniques that comprise Time Line Therapy™ — they are easy to do and make a significant change in a person’s life.

Unlimited Reiki

“Rei” is Japanese for spiritual or sacred, “ki” is Japanese for energy – thus Reiki is spiritual energy. This can be called Prana in India or Chi in china but mostly in the west it translates to universal life force energy. It incorporates heaven, earth and everything in between-literally the entire universe. It transcends all organised religions or belief systems even though it is said that Jesus and Buddha used it to heal.

Everything in our comprehension and beyond is made up of one energy, albeit vibrating at different intensities. Thus paper, plants, animals, people, every “thing” in a room, buildings, cities, countries, the world and even the universe itself is made up of energy. Thus there is unlimited energy all around us – unlimited life force energy. These energies can get blocked and Unlimited Reiki is the energy that unblocks and creates a free flowing so that a pure flowing re-alignment is made. Unlimited Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It facilitates a reconnection to understanding one’s purpose here on earth. Important: The therapist is only the vehicle through which the energy is transmitted to the client; it is always the responsibility of the client to allow him or herself to be healed.


Scenar treatment is conducted with an electronic device; the Scenar weighs approximately 300grams, is 200mm in length, with an electrical contact at one end and runs off a 9V battery. This is run over the spine and abdomen or the infected area, recording the resistive response to its signals and using its sophisticated software to return a fresh signal. A gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt. The practitioner is looking for anomalies on the skin surface, which may be highlighted by redness, numbness, stickiness or a change in numerical display or sound. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptom, by treating these ‘asymmetries’, (as the Russians call them), the healing process will commence.

Patients having Scenar treatment need to take responsibility for their health and are advised to participate actively in the treatment and recovery process. The chemical compounds, released by the nerves, affect not only the problem areas, but also circulate in the blood treating other areas of the body. This goes some way to explaining how old and often forgotten problems are brought to the surface for treatment.

The Russians state that a chronic problem that the patient has may take up to 6 weeks treatment, with long-lasting effectiveness. Acute problems may just take one or two treatments. They say that the Scenar proves effective in 80% of all cases, of which full recovery occurs in 2/3rds of them and significant healing in the remainder.

Classical Buteyko Method

Professor Buteyko’s Method was the product of extraordinary technical investigations and discoveries which let to a drug free and sophisticated approach to the treatment of several hundred chronic diseases.

It involves the application of techniques and skills that dramatically reverse symptoms and reliance on medications. Routinely, they have been shown to be effective in the most serious of chronic diseases – from severe brittle asthma, chronic fatigue, diabetes and emphysema, through to multiple sclerosis, lupus and even cancer.

Professor Buteyko was forced to discourage the use of many of his most potent techniques in the “West”, as most practitioners could not wield them or manage the cleansing reactions which occur, when deep seated diseases are discharged. Other Buteyko techniques around diet, sleep and physical exercise had to be left out too, despite their efficacy, because the required skills were not available to administer and monitor them.

This gave rise to an easier, greatly simplified but diluted Buteyko Method, which has become popular in the West and is effective for superficial conditions such as mild asthma, blocked nose and snoring etc – but inadequate to address serious health problems or develop super endurance for athletes etc

Professor Buteyko strenuously forbade insufficiently qualified practitioners from engaging the most potent of his techniques or attempting to treat patients with severe health conditions – unless they worked under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Practitioners of Professor Buteyko’s original method underwent years of supervised training, with thousands of patients before being accredited. Only a handful of “Western” Practitioners have received such qualifications. They should not be confused with practitioners who have done a teaching course over several weeks or months.

All the important documented results, such as trials etc. in Russia and the West, in which serious health conditions were reversed, invariably involved Professor Buteyko’s original or classical techniques, most of which are no longer commonly taught.

To ensure the best possible results, it is highly recommended that one trains under the supervision of a practitioner that has been credentialed by Professor Buteyko.

All practitioners and facilitators that work with the IAOBP are supervised by practitioners and consultants that have received authentic credentials from Professor Buteyko.

Kostas is a member of the International Association of the Buteyko Practitioners (IAOBP).