Airnergy Professional

Airnergy Professional

Airnergy is a portable, compact machine for use in the home and clinic that creates ''energised air'' that feeds every cell in your body with oxygen that it can absorb and use more efficiently.

1.   Boosts energy levels making you feel stronger, fitter and faster.
2.   Increases your mental agility, making you more alert.
3.   Strengthens your immune system to fight infection and disease.
4.   Stimulates your circulation, heart, lung, and brain function.
5.   Reduces stress, tiredness and the effects of chronic illness.

More oxygen in every cell results in an enhanced immune system, reducing vulnerability to disease and illness and improving the body''s capacity to fight existing health conditions.

Research shows that just one 20-minute Airnergy session leads to significant changes in the blood, and an increase in the function and efficiency of the heart and lungs.

Recommendations for use

Airnergy is specifically recommended for use by individuals wishing

  • to maintain and maximise health as the ageing process kicks in
  • sports people eager to improve their performance
  • smokers who wish to minimise the harmful effects of their smoking habit
  • as a therapy for many chronic and debilitating illnesses, including cardio      vascular illnesses; lung disease like chronic asthma and emphysema, as      well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome

The Device

  • It''s simple and easy to use. At least 20 minutes three times a week but      preferably every day
  • The small device requires virtually no maintenance
  • To operate, plug in device, supply it with filtered / still water,  then breathe the air it emits
  • There are no known negative side effects. You can''t overdose
  • Regulatory certifications for consumer safety have been successfully awarded

Please contact us directly to find out more information about the product and how it can suit your health needs. Email:  or via phone line 0845 689 1231.


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