Within a couple of minutes the device evaluates the functional energy state of 16 organs and body systems. An intuitive software interface and detailed guidelines allow the device to be used by people without special education.

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How does DeRofes work?

The method is based on the influence on the biologically active point MC-7, located on the inside of the left wrist. Through this point a microcurrent impulse is sent to all organs and that causes a reaction. In humans, each organ works in a strictly defined way according to proper rhythm. The responses of these rhythms, like an echo, return to the device, and then are compared by the program with the benchmark rhythms that are inherent in the body of a healthy person of appropriate age and gender.

The biologically active point for the testing is very easy to find. You need to bend the left hand at the wrist, put a finger of the right hand exactly in the middle of the formed flexion between the hand and the forearm. If you straighten the hand without lifting your finger, the finger will be exactly at the MC-7 point where the active electrode of the device is to be installed. Within minutes the device will assess the overall level of health, stress, fatigue, and neurosis. Using DeRofes allows you to track the health dynamics and identify potential problems. Besides, DeRofes is the perfect solution for those looking for new ways to promote DeVitatechnology and wanting to expand their business. Through testing with DeRofes, DEHolding Partners are able to track the dynamics of the positive impact of DeVita devices and demonstrate the result to potential customers.

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