Ancient Minerals Magnesium 8 oz. Spray


  • #1 most recommended magnesium oil in the world
  • Rapidly absorbed into the skin
  • Easy application in a convenient spray
  • Most efficient method at restoring cellular magnesium levels
  • Ultra-pure and highly concentrated
  • Approximately 560mg elemental magnesium per tsp
  • Available in 8oz (237ml) spray and 64oz (1.9L) professional size
The Original Professional Strength Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

What does Magnesium Chloride, transdermally applied, do that oral magnesiumtablets/powders cannot do?

Magnesium Chloride quickly passes through the skin & works immediately to reduce body pain & raise magnesium levels 12 times faster than oral supplementation, by-passing the digestive process completely.

It increases crucial ATP or cellular energy to assist in transporting the CAUSE of the pain out of the body. Typical causes of this pain may be toxins, acids, excess calcium and heavy metals.

It "de-stresses" as it soothes the nervous system and triggers DHEA, the master or youth hormone which controls all of the other hormones in our body.

Over 3300mg of elemental magnesium is in each 30ml rubbed into the skin - and in a few minutes, it's in there working to balance the entire body at a cellular level. This amount of magnesium cannot be tolerated by the digestive system with oral magnesium.

Magnesium Chloride oil, transdermally applied, can rapidly improve your health, energy and state of well being....naturally!

The original and still the most popular, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, contains only raw, highly concentrated, ultra pure magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe. There are no added ingredients except those found naturally occurring in the deep underground deposits from this pristine source. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. One teaspoon contains approximately 560mg of elemental magnesium.

If you experience some tingling, this is  quite normal, but if it is uncomfortable, simply dilute Ancient Minerals  magnesium oil with 1 part water or oil, such as almond or hemp, to make  a 50% strength solution.  Please note these are Professional Strength  Magnesium products not cosmetic, to ensure the highest level of  absorption of Magnesium your body requires.



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