Organic Raw Cacao Butter (Ecuador)

Organic Raw Cacao Butter 

Our Peruvian cocoa butter is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy chocolate’s great taste without any unwanted sugars and additives. Largely made up of cholesterol-neutral fatty acids, it’s perfect eaten on its own or even mixed with our Peruvian powder and agave sweetener for homemade chocolate treats. Try applying some onto your skin as a luxurious and nourishing moisturiser.


Cocoa trees produce fibrous pods 15 to 25cm long and 7 to 10cm in diameter. Each contains 20 to 40 beans (seeds) within a pulp. The raw unroasted beans are about 2.5cm long and contain roughly 65% water. After harvesting, the cacao pods are opened, and the beans and pulp removed. These are piled together and fermented over several days in the ambient tropical temperature (below 118°F, 47°C). The fermentation process is a key stage in the development of the classic aroma and flavour of our beans. Following fermentation, the beans are carefully sundried, again below 118°F, which can take several days. Once fermented and dried, water content of the beans falls to approximately 5%.

At this stage the beans are broken up, into nibs, and put through a winnower to separate the nibs from their shells. The nibs are then stoneground for 10-12 hours into an ultra-fine paste; the processing temperature is kept below 118°F throughout. The paste is pressed through a fine mesh which retains the cacao particles as a ‘cake’ while the butter flows through. The retained cake is broken up and sifted into cacao powder, while the butter is allowed to set and then packed for dispatch.

Price: £14.00


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