Mega-Chel 120 capsules

Mega-Chel 120 capsules

Mega-Chel supports the body with 20 essential vitamins and  minerals, and contains nutrients that are easy for the body to  assimilate. It is specifically formulated for the circulatory system and   glandular systems, and neutralises free radicals. 

• Each tablet is yeast free and contains natural forms of nutrients for increased assimilation.   

• Cardiovascular disease is a group of conditions that includes stroke and heart disease, that kills one in three people in the  UK.  While some contributing factors can’t be altered, we can change  our lifestyle.

• Heart disease is a huge problem in the UK with  millions of us at risk of developing it within the next 10 years. But  the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to look after your heart.

There are lots of lifestyle factors that can increase the risk of heart disease:

•Smoking causes around one in three heart attacks and can increase your risk of developing heart disease by up to 80%.
•Diet - A diet high in fats and salt and low in fruit and vegetables increases the risk of heart disease.
•Exercise - only one in three men and one in four women in the UK actually get the exercise they need every week.
•Cholesterol - Two in three people in the UK have raised cholesterol levels which puts them at more risk of heart disease.

Two tablets provide the following,

vitamin A (palmitate, beta catotene) 13,332IU,
vitamin C 1,332mg,
vitamin D3,  216IU,
vitamin E 133IU,
thiamin 66mg,
riboflavin 16mg,
niacin 33mg,
vitamin B6 50mg,
folic acid 133mcg,
vitamin B12 83mcg,
biotin 33mcg,
pantothenic acid 166mg,
calcium 133mg,
iron 3.2mg,
Phosphorus 96mg,
iodine 42mcg,
magnesium 133mg,
zinc 10mg,
selenium 84mcg,
copper 84mcg,
manganese 1.6mg,
chromium 66mcg,
potssium 133mg.
The formula also contains: l-cysteine HCl, p-aminobenzoic acid,  l-methionine, citrus bioflavonoids, rutin, inositol, ginkgo biloba  leaves and  hawthorn berries.

This product contains vitamin A. Do not take if you are pregnant,   or likely to become pregnant except on the advice of a doctor or  ante-natal clinic. 


Take 1 tablet with a meal twice daily - follow recommendations shown on the label.


Price: £22.95


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