Aloe Vera Juice Bundle – pack of 6 (946ml) V

Aloe Vera Juice

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Nature’s Sunshine’s Aloe Vera Juice is so pure it was used in an award winning scientific study which discovered a new polysaccharide (aloeride) proving the immune enhancing benefits of Aloe Vera.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Aloe Vera is harvested in a special way to avoid the loss of essential vitamins, minerals and other valuable constituents.

  •  The Aloe leaf is hand filleted and manufactured to the highest standards in the world

Many companies manufacture Aloe Vera, but many products on the market have lost much of the plant’s benefits due to over-processing.

  • Beware of Aloe Vera juice that claims to have no disagreeable taste.

Removing this leaves you with a product that is only 10-15 percent Aloe Vera at best.

  • Gene Hale, Managing Director of the International Aloe Science Council stated ‘heavily adulterated commercial aloe products are common’.

Enjoy the benefits of Nature’s Sunshine’s Aloe Vera Juice as a refreshing drink mixed with water or fruit juice. 

Aloe Vera Juice - 946ml bottle

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