Probiotic Eleven (90)

Probiotic Eleven

Probiotic Eleven is a high potency, multi strain probiotic supplement which provides almost 12 billion bacteria per serving. The eleven strains of bacteria in Probiotic Eleven ensure you replenish your gut with a variety of beneficial flora, and each capsule contains a built-in prebiotic to nourish and spread the bacteria throughout the gut.

Probiotic Eleven contains:
The Lactobacillus strains: acidophilus, casei, brevis,  rhamnosus, bulgaricus, plantarum and salvarius. These release unique enzymes which help to break down larger milk proteins for absorption.
The Bifidobacterium strains: longum, infantis and bifidum, which help to create B vitamins.
And Streptococcus thermophiles which is commonly used to make probiotic yoghurts.

Use Probiotic Eleven as part of your daily health maintenance programme, and in particular when you:

Are about to have, or have recently undergone hospital treatment
Are pregnant or trying to conceive
Are planning to travel abroad
Have recently suffered from a digestive upset
Have recently completed a dietary cleanse or colonic irrigation treatment

Take 1-2 capsules daily with food.


Price: £29.95


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