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8 – 18th July 2014 Classical Buteyko Breathing Into – LIVE TELE CLASS  (GREEK)

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7th August 2014 – LIVE TELE CLASS

@ 19.00 (GMT) – “Successful Living & Successful MarriagePast Events” – Register Here 


13th September 2014 – Festival of Life (London, UK)

@ 18.00 LIVE TALK – “Breathing Why Less is More”. presented by Konstantinos Kapelas


27-28th September 2014 – VegFest London

@18.00  LIVE TALK – “Why Vegans/vegetarians have higher oxygen & good pH”. presented by Konstantinos Kapelas



23rd May 2014 – Live Webinar -Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)– the “Silent Killer” of the 21st century. Register Here –

20th March 2014 – Live Webinar -The ROOT CAUSE behind almost ALL Health Issues

10th April 2014 – Live Webinar -How to FREE ourselves of Heavy Metal Toxicity?

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We offer a balanced range of fundamental training for the road to health and vitality, as well as advance training/knowledge for the professionals.

Our events are led by Kostas or Lana and include practical elements, teaching input and facilitated discussions.

These lively, instructive and interactive short talks and workshops will help you to understand more about the steps to your health and vitality, as well as offer you the ability to transform your health and bring health into the lives of those you love.

The maximum number of participants on any in-house workshop will be from 6 to 10, to allow a more informal and relaxed environment with an opportunity for everyone to take an active part, ask questions and have time to learn and understand. These workshops are designed to be short sessions, each one leading on from the previous one. They can be booked individually or as a group.

We also offer one-to-one workshops covering the basics up to more advanced areas, but the difference is that these will be tailored to the individual and can run as single sessions or as a short course. If you prefer us to come to your home/area, please contact us on to discuss the logistics of it.


“Great seeing you today Kostas and loved your talk, factual, challenging our thinking as well as inspiring.”

Wilmien Bos, London

Thank you very much for a fantastic one day coaching class. Absolutely perfect. I loved the variety and most of all loved how easy to make are all the recipes Lana taught us. She explained everything in a nice and concise way, not overwhelming! I am very grateful to have found a teacher that understands busy people and had meal suggestions for me at home and at the office.”

Emilie Beneitez Lefebvre, London