Unlimited Reiki

Unlimited Reiki

What is Unlimited Reiki?

“Rei” is Japanese for spiritual or sacred, “ki” is Japanese for energy – thus Reiki is spiritual energy. This can be called Prana in India or Chi in china but mostly in the west it translates to universal life force energy. It incorporates heaven, earth and everything in between-literally the entire universe. It transcends all organised religions or belief systems even though it is said that Jesus and Buddha used it to heal.

How does Unlimited Reiki work?

Everything in our comprehension and beyond is made up of one energy, albeit vibrating at different intensities. Thus paper, plants, animals, people, every “thing” in a room, buildings, cities, countries, the world and even the universe itself is made up of energy. Thus there is unlimited energy all around us – unlimited life force energy. These energies can get blocked and Unlimited Reiki is the energy that unblocks and creates a free flowing so that a pure flowing re-alignment is made. Unlimited Reiki works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It facilitates a reconnection to understanding one’s purpose here on earth. Important: The therapist is only the vehicle through which the energy is transmitted to the client; it is always the responsibility of the client to allow him or herself to be healed.

The uses of Unlimited Reiki

Reiki can be used on literally anything and everything. Plants trees and animals love it. Unlimited Reiki can also be used on inanimate objects such as computers, cars or to find lost keys… unlimited usage. In people, Unlimited Reiki is mostly used for healing on the previously mentioned emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Unlimited Reiki works on both acute and chronic conditions, although the chronic conditions may take a little longer to clear. The soul knows its own journey so in some cases where death/transition is inevitable then Unlimited Reiki can be used to make this journey easier. Unlimited Reiki can be used as an emergency first aid procedure, relaxing the body and reducing pain until the emergency services arrive. Some people just use Reiki as an extremely effective form of relaxation, although there will be some work going on even though the person may not realise it. It is said that one hour’s reiki healing is equivalent to 3-4 hours deep sleep.