A Cutting Edge System for True Wellbeing

The Kapelas system is a rare gem in the world of 21st century health. Carefully selected holistic treatments and technologies combine to create a uniquely effective, cutting edge strategy for true well being. This work offers a solid base for life fulfillment. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

– Rosemary Innes, Founding Director – Phi harmonics Ltd

How I have Stopped my Asthma Medication Altogether

“After my basic training  on breathing retraining and a month of supervision, part of the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™, I have stopped  taken my asthma medication which I have started only  a few months ago. In addition to that my general well being has been improved – i perform better at sports, I feel healthier and I have more mental clarity. I have also learnt how to make better food choices as well as which supplements are  best for my health and  why .

I would recommend the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™  without any hesitation for everyone irrelevant their age or state of health.”

– Ektoras Charalambides, Director at MSE Congress Plus

Weight Drop, Feel More Refreshed, Less Craving, Feel Fab…

I was desperate to lose weight.  I had been stressed for a while and my body had taken the brunt of that.  My shape was out of control, my waistline had expanded along with the rest of my body and I hated it!

Within a week of working with the Kapelas Health & Vitality System ™ everything started to change.  In the first week, I could get into my old jeans that had been thrown in the cupboard for 2 years.  By the fourth week I have lost 17lbs, looked and felt amazing and friends, family and acquaintances were commenting and the old Wendy had returned… I got my groove back.

The programme has completely changed completely my perspective about health – I will never look back. Highly recommended…

Wendy dos Santos –  Interior Designer