“DETA-Professional” has the widest range of functions for diagnostics and recovery.

deta-prof-eThis cutting-edge device is the most sophisticated and refined that Deta-Elis has produced and includes both a diagnostic as well as a therapeutic modality.

The Deta-Professional has been recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and Israel and other countries as an official method of diagnosis.

This is a device for use by qualified health practitioners and requires extensive training by practitioners that are familiar with its use.

Patients can go to a qualified Deta-Elis practitioner who will test them and determine the underlying causes of their health problems. The practitioner can then programme the patient’s Deta-AP or Deta-Ritm with these specific frequencies and instruct on how to use these frequencies.
This is really cutting-edge as then the patient has their “personal doctor” that they can instruct at the touch of a button!

It helps perform the following types of diagnostics and treatment:


  • The diagnostic mode uses bioresonance testing to determine the following:
  • identification of parasites
  • identification of bacteria
  • identification of fungi
  • identification of viruses
  • identification of organ imbalances
  • identifying the underlying causes of diseases
  • identifying drug interactions in the patient
  • identifying scar, sinus, tooth and tonsil foci
  • identifying food intolerances
  • identifying energetic imbalances in Meridians and Chakras


In the therapy mode, the Deta-Professional is capable of delivering 5 different methods of treatment:

  • Treatments using electro-acupuncture
  • Treatments using Electromagnetic therapy
  • Treatments using Quantum healing
  • Treatments using Bio-resonance therapy
  • A combination of the abovementioned treatments

Price: £7,000.00


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