Personal Grounding Kit

Personal Grounding Kit

An inexpensive and convenient way to get the benefits of an Earth connection while indoors.  Can also be worn while sleeping (generally on the foot or ankle for sleep use).

This kit contains an elasticated fabric grounding band, a 6m (20ft) coiled cord, and the connection option of your choice.  It comes in an organic natural cotton bag for convenient travelling.

The silver coated fabric band is lightweight and comfortable and hypoallergenic.  Its circumference is adjustable from 120mm up to 220mm unstretched, and will stretch up to 360mm.  It should be worn on bare skin, such as on the wrist, arm, ankle or foot.

The silver coating on the inside of the band connects to a snap stud on the outside to which the lightweight coiled cord connects.  The cord is approximately 1.8m (6ft) long when unextended and stretches up to 6m (20ft).  The cord is then connected to ground via the connection option of your choice.

Please note that we are phasing out the blue grounding bands (as shown in the photo), and are supplying an equivalent Earthing™ brand grounding band in orange.  If you'd specifically like a blue band, please add a note to your order during checkout and we will supply if stocks allow.

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