Sleep Phi Energy Mat Comforter


Sleep mat - soothing energy for adults, children and babies - £55 - PLUS a free SmartDOT

Size 20x20 cm

Would you like to sleep deeply and feel more refreshed in the morning? Radiation from WI-FI and our much loved gadgets interferes with sleep patterns. Keep your sleep mat close and enjoy much improved sleep, a sense of calm and greater resilience in today's challenging environment.

The hidden beauty of this comforter is the babyDOT stitched between layers at the centre of the mat. This DOT holds and radiates a soothing natural energy vibration which works with your energy field. Your field becomes stronger and so your body can relax and slip into deep nurturing sleep.
These handmade sleep mats come in soft cream with the beautiful sacred geometry symbol of the Seed of Life stitched on the front. You have a choice of gold, silver, pale blue, pale pink, or pale green embroidery. Both sides of the mat are made from the softest organic brushed cotton. To further help with the energy interference from devices we have included a free smartDOT with every baby mat.  You can choose to place the smartDOT on any device; your mobile phone, tablet, baby monitor, or wif-Fi router.
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Price: £55.00


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