Natural Anti Wrinkle Package

Natural Anti Wrinkle Package

The Package Contains:

1. Silicium Gel to Firm, Hydrate, Reduce/Prevent wrinkles on skin (225ml)

Dehydrated skin, loose sagging skin, wrinkles and lines anywhere on face and body

Silicium Gel is the only product that allows the body to naturally generate collagen.

This means that the skin all over the body and  face will become firm and hydrated. Cells will plump up with collagen, wrinkles are reduced and new ones are prevented.

Can be used all over body and face, avoiding the eye area.

2. Organic Silicium Liquid 500 ml

 Oral supplement effective in raising  Silicium levels in the body, preserving cartilage, building collagen and elastin.


  • Drink Organic Silicium Liquid each morning.
  • Apply Silicium gel twice a day on cleansed damp skin, avoiding the eyes. Use a good cream on top of the gel to provide environmental protection.



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