Orgonite Protection against EMF and psychic attack

Orgonite Protection against EMF and psychic attack

Strengthen your bioenergetic field (aura) to be immune against everyday hazards of negative vibes of the city, EMF, work place or negative people. The Turquoise Orgone Pendant is one of the strongest Orgonite Protection devices with its combination of stones, copper coil and Orgonite.

The Turquoise Orgone Pendant  features a large Turquoise bead on a copper wire coil. Turquoise is an excellent stone for protection, especially when traveling. Other ingredients are Chrysokolla dust(balancing,calming,detox), Mica(shields and protects), Gold Leaf and decorative glitter. The back contains Quartz, Amethyst and black Tourmaline in small crumbs and Hematite powder, copper powder and metalfilings.

The pendant is beaded on waxed cotton string with a wooden and a metall bead.

Wearers report a feeling of immunity against EMF and bad vibes as well as a general increase in vital energy when wearing the pendant.
Diametre approx. 36mm, thickness approx. 12 mm


Price: £19.95


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