"How to Stop Allergy Without Prescription Medicine and With No Side Effects"

If you have been suffering from allergies, this article will introduce you to ONE OF A KIND and NATURAL treatment that can cure your allergies (and without any side effects) even if nothing has worked before....

Allergies can do just about anything to almost any part of the body. Common symptoms are runny nose, watery eyes, ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, asthma, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, cramps, colitis, gas, constipation, menstrual disorders, hypoglycemia, emotional disturbances, skin rashes, hives, etc., etc., etc.


When dealing with allergies, it is usually the result of a hyper-allergic system rather than a system with one or two allergies. And this can usually be seen with a person who is allergic to one thing, only to develop more allergies to more things as time goes by.

Usually, the allergy problem stems from weak and overstressed adrenal glands.

Overstressed adrenals could come from a diet containing sugar, refined carbohydrates,hyperventilation, toxicity, alcohol, and/or coffee, which put an excess burden on these glands. Hypoglycemia, a result of such a diet, and prolonged psychological stress, creates a vicious cycle of stress, adrenal exhaustion, and allergy.

There is a common history with those with allergies. As a kid many symptoms of allergy were present, but disappeared in pre-teen and teen years. But, usually with the onset of some stressful situation like a divorce, or the death of someone close, a stressful job, a kid throwing tantrums, these symptoms come back. This is because the problem was never gone in the first place but it was simply masked and suppressed.

Then, of course, vaccines and drugs create skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc., because of negative effects on the thymus gland, which can also manifest in mononucleosis, hepatitis, or the flu.

Whatever the cause there is always a solution to the problem that can eliminate the necessity of drugs, which merely address a symptom and never the cause.


Prescription drugs are not your best option

Allergy medications can have terrible side effects such as:
headache, fatigue, sore throat , nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness etc. You may get even severe allergic reactions from some medication. Instead of curing allergy they make things even worst.

What if you had access to a solution that would be 100% natural, safe and with no side effects, would that be helpful?
The good news is we have exactly that..

Introducing Kapelas System™ Complete Allergy Programme…

This programme includes a select few handpicked natural supplements that target the root cause of the problem. There are two packages that you can take advantage of:

SILVER Pack: Module 1: Instant Supplement Support

In this module you receive a complete supplement support that looks after the bodily needs of nutrition.

Fenugreek & Fennel Combination is providing balanced nutrition for the respiratory system. This is a traditional formula used by nutritionists for the respiratory system
It provides specific nutrients to nourish the lungs. Healthy lung function helps protect the body from seasonal airborne substances

2. MSM (90)
MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulphur. Sulphur is needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue. In addition, MSM scavenges free radicals.

3. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (90)
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids are nutritional compounds found together in nature. Bioflavonoids help protect the body from excess free radical damage. They are combined in a unique base containing 50mg each of lemon, orange & grapefruit bioflavonoids, hesperidin complex, rutin and rose hips extract.

4. Alfalfa (100 capsules)
Arabs called it the ‘father of herbs’. Alfalfa’s roots grow 20 feet deep or more, providing the plant with a rich source of nutrients not always found at the ground’s surface. It is one of the most nutrient-rich food sources

5. Tei Fu Essential oils (5ml)
Developed and perfected by a Chinese herbalist several decades ago, Tei Fu Essential Oil was created using an ancient formula that was passed down in his family for more than 1,000 years.

His secret formula was not for sale, a trait typical of older generation Chinese. This descendant realised the benefits of his family secret and decided it was too good to keep from others. Thus Nature’s Sunshine became the beneficiary of thousands of years of Chinese wisdom and herbal knowledge.

GOLD: Module 2: Regulate nervous system through correct breathing

Traditional wisdom suggests that deep breathing is good as it is thought to provide the most oxygen. But did you know that “breathing deeply” in fact contributes to ill health?

Let us explain.

At the end of the last century Russian physiologist Verigo and Dutch scientist Bohr independently discovered that without carbon dioxide, oxygen is bound to the haemoglobin of the blood and simply does not work. This leads to oxygen deficiency in the tissues of the brain, heart, kidneys and other organs and a rising blood pressure.

It is the ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen which permits the release or retention of oxygen from the blood. So the strange truth is, oxygen deficiency is not caused by lack of oxygen but by the lack of carbon dioxide! If we breathe too much we get less oxygen.

For the cells of the brain, heart, kidney and other organs, our blood requires a concentration of: 6.5% carbon dioxide and only 2% oxygen. The air we breathe contains 200 times less carbon Dioxide and 10 time more oxygen then we need. The function of our respiratory system is not just to push air in and out but to maintain a very specific ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide.


And that is exactly what you will learn in this module. Russian Medical Scientist Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko devoted over 40 years of research into breathing he discovered a technique to normalise the breathing, thereby normalising the level of carbon dioxide. Now the benefit of this is immense. Carbon dioxide is a regulator of nervous system activity and a lowering of carbon dioxide in the nerve cells can lead to irritability, sleeplessness, stress problems, unfounded anxiety and allergic reactions.

Thus this breathing technique and tailor made set of exercises will help you normalise your nervous system and bring it under control. We are a certified and experienced Classical Buteyko Method practitioner, with over 55 years experience in our team, so you can be rest assured you will learn the best way possible.

It has a number of other benefits too, such as better oxygenation, improved immune system, Acid/Alkali Balance etc.

So, this is what you are going to receive:

  • A 45 mins breathing assessment via phone or skype with a certified and experienced practitioner – this will help diagnose your key problems
  • Learn what is affecting your breathing and what we can do about it, helping you feel better and improve consistently.
  • Learn breathing related eating, drinking and sleeping tips that sabotage your health. One step by step breathing exercise will be taught that will help you deal with specific symptoms.

This is what many has to say about this breathing technique:

“Breathe easily and learn to live again” The Herald (UK)

“ A breath of fresh air for Asthmatics” The Daily Mail (UK)

“Impressive results” Charles Mitchell, Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland (AUS)

“Very impressive” Dr Gerald Spence (Glasgow)

“Unprecedented broad spectrum results in the short and medium term, a dynamic breakthrough” The Journal of Australia, 2nd January, 1995 Vol. 162, No.1


18 reasons why Kapelas Health and Vitality System ™ for Allergies work:

  • Supports the respiratory system.
  • Helps keep the mucus thin.
  • Soothes respiratory tissue.
  • MSM has been proven to help in the reduction and even the total elimination of allergies.
  • Increases oxygen availability to the body
  • Helps the body eliminate toxins including lactic acid build-up from strenuous exercise.
  • Supports the structural and circulatory systems
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Protects against free radical damage.
  • Aids in collagen production.
  • Stimulates the respiratory system.
  • Is cleansing, refreshing and softening and helps decongest the nose
  • It retrains the respiratory centre in order to breath properly as Hyperventilation is the root cause behind most of the allergies and unless this corrected/retrained you will be only dealing with the symptom rather than the root cause.
  • Increasing the level of Co2 in the haemoglobin which in its turn helps the oxygenation of the blood tissues and cells of the body.
  • Oxygenate the brain which in many cases lack of oxygen is directly related with the way we feel, think and consequently our emotional and psychological resilience.
  • It helps the nervous system to relax thus the whole body relaxes and makes the breathing and digestion easier
  • It dilates the vessels, arteries and increases circulation which will sent more blood to all parts of the body and increase circulation by dilating the arteries and vain and allow the flow of blood. This will also help with constipation and in many cases headaches/migraines as they are usually triggered because of the constricted blood flow.
  • The oxygenation of the blood also brings down any inflammation especially in the small intestine where the food is digested and it is a cause of allergies
  • All in all it allows the body to operate more efficient and in a homeostatic state thus allowing it to heal itself

Now, let’s put this system to work in your Life…


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Instant Supplement Support


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Module 1

Instant Supplement Support

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Regulate nervous system through correct breathing


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