The Kick Start Programme – to Kick Extra Weight Out

The Kick Start Programme

We understand that everyone has different needs  and there are many people that are not yet ready to commit to a  dedicated health and fitness regime.

The Kick Start Programme offers the perfect solution and is aimed at  those who want to see quick results before moving onto the next stage.


The Kick Start Programme contains:

Fat Grabbers (3) -  a blend of fibre and herbs  formulated to bind with fats in the stomach and help them pass through  the body without being absorbed or upsetting the digestion. They have  been scientifically proven to double weight loss when tested against a  placebo, making them a key part of the Nature’s Sunshine Kick Start  Programme. Take up to 4 capsules with a meal and large glass of water  three times a day, and leave at least 3 hours between taking Fat  Grabbers and Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, D, or E.

Carbo Grabbers (1) - made from white kidney bean  extract which has been shown in studies to affect the enzymes that break   down carbohydrates. Because the carbohydrates can’t be broken down  properly, they can’t be so easily absorbed and turned into fat when they   are not used to create energy. Take 1-2 capsules before a meal rich in   carbohydrates.

Solstic Slim (1) - formulated to support any weight management regime in a number of ways, including helping manage  cravings, thereby reducing fluctuations in blood sugar due to unhealthy snacking. Unlike many other weight management supplements, Solstic Slim   contains only natural ingredients which work with your body. It is easy  to carry and share, and is free from sugar, alcohol, yeast, gluten and  all animal products.

Solstic Slim has been specially formulated to help you towards your target weight in a number of ways.

The four key herbal ingredients have been chosen for their unique  benefits and prepared in a way which maximises their potency. It  contains chlorogenic acid, a well-known slimming ingredient, and  resveratrol, which has a number of health benefits and high antioxidant activity. The Green tea extract contains epigallocatechin gallate which   has been shown in studies to help weight management programs, and Yerba  maté which is used in slimming supplements to help promote feelings of  fullness.

The Kick Start Programme contains 3 x Fat Grabbers, 1 x Carbo Grabbers and 1 x Solstic Slim. 
(one months supply).


Price: £93.75


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