What is Scenar?

Scenar treatment is conducted with an electronic device; the Scenar weighs approximately 300grams, is 200mm in length, with an electrical contact at one end and runs off a 9V battery. This is run over the spine and abdomen or the infected area, recording the resistive response to its signals and using its sophisticated software to return a fresh signal. A gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt. The practitioner is looking for anomalies on the skin surface, which may be highlighted by redness, numbness, stickiness or a change in numerical display or sound. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptom, by treating these ‘asymmetries’, (as the Russians call them), the healing process will commence.

How often will I need a treatment?

In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides Scenar action must be given quite often. For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process treatment needs to be intensive, ideally once or even twice daily. For chronic conditions, treatments are ideally given three or four times a week initially. As things improve the frequency can be reduced.

A course of treatments will vary from individual to individual, and takes into account such factors as the stage of the pathological process, the person’s age, state of health, and so on.

Is it safe?

As the Scenar impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging and safe. Only people with cardiac pacemakers are not allowed to have Scenar treatment. see contra-indications. Children and pregnant women can be treated, and even animals enjoy it!

Scenar benefits

In summary, it has been proved that Scenar therapy provides effective support for:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Curvature of the spine
  • Traumas like sports injuries, operations, skin burn, bone fractures
  • Acute pain relief and pain management

In addition, it can be concluded that Scenar therapy:

  • Is non-invasive
  • Causes no complications
  • Has no negative side effects
  • Leads to reduction of the use of medicine

And good to know that it is also reported that in most cases it will bring the patient:

  • Better sleep
  • Healthier appetite
  • A happier disposition