Kostas has changed my life in the most positive way possible. His holistic approach to healing using simple, yet effective tools and techniques has given me confidence and a sense of control I thought was not possible.

I have learned that I have control over my well-being, giving me a real sense of personal power to make changes. Teaching  me breathing retraining methods, part of  the Kapelas System enabled me to stop taking medication for asthma and stomach problems. I have not taken these for the past 15 months and not even felt the need for them. I often suffered from re-occurring bronchial problems, but this winter has been the first time in my life that I have not had the need to go to my GP and have to take anti-biotic medicine. I have been taken off the list at my GP for reminders to take peak flow tests and have flu vaccinations.

Coupled with this I have lost over 2 stone in weight and my eating habits have improved immeasurably. I enjoy enhanced sleep and have the energy to go about my work and home life more effectively. Kostas is an excellent therapist and his passion and technical knowledge is second to none.

– John Sunderland-Wright, Director of Ultima Performance

The last 2 months I have been following Kostas instructions together with my son (4.5 years old). My son has been on the medication for 2.5 years and myself for over 5 years. Once I have started I felt more energy and I was waking up more rested. Also on my latest laboratory tests shown that my cholesterol levels were back to normal but most importantly the thyroid levels on both of us were reduced significantly(she wrote the test results were amazing). We both reduced the medication and I am sure that very soon my son will be able to stop completely his medication.
– Marianna and Konstantinos Priovolou

Significant Gains in My Personal and Business Performance

“The Kapelas Health & Vitality System™ really works. My own health and energy have increased and I’m already seeing significant gains in my personal performance, which quickly translate into positive impact upon my business.”

– David B Robson, Managing Partner at David B Robson & Partners LLP

“I Feel my Thyroid Gland Coming Back to Life!”

The first stage of my treatment with Kostas was to learn the Buteyko breathing technique which immediately helped me sleep – and for the first time since childhood wake up without feeling groggy and even more exhausted.

For many years I had taken Armour Thyroid and Liothyronine for hypo thyroid and cortisol for low adrenals – it took a year of Buteyko to realise I was ready to gradually come off these medications-as Buteyko natrually raises the hormones. After discussing this with two medical doctors including my endriconologist I gradually stopped all thyroid and steroid medicine. At the same time I went to see Kostas who muscle tested all medications- and also tested for which supplements would best heal and support me- and the results have been literally life changing. Thanks to all this I have more energy than ever- and I feel my thyroid gland coming back to life! Kostas muscle tested me for Nascent Iodine and it was a positive and then put a drop on my arm and after about a minute I felt my thyroid opening up like a butterfly- a very gentle opening in my neck- hard to describe but powerful! Kostas recommended the Nutri thyroid and Nutri Adrenal Extra to support these glands.

His approach is holistic and he asked me how I was emotionally as well as physically and internally- he checked out my digestive system and unblocked by ileocecal valve which though painful was a huge relief and healed my IBS.

And something else which has greatly improved my health and wellbeing was learning to run using only nose breathing- this has raised my fitness level so I can run much further and faster – just using Buteyko breathing.

Also since buying a far infra red sauna all my eczema has disappeared -All through the treatment Kostas always provided constant support and information -My life has improved dramatically – and I have energy to be a more productive dynamic human being. Thank you Kostas!

– Lucy Phillips, Artist

Kostas has an incredible intuitive knack of getting to the root of a problem without any hesitation. With the general knowledge he has on and around his subjects and with his great sense of humour  he can make a session pass in no time.
The Kapelas Health & Vitality System helped me to loose over 14lbs of toxic fat and inches on my waist, neck and arms. My trousers now are looser and my friends comment on how better I look.  My allergy and eczema like symptoms have cleared .I sleep better, my digestion, elimination and skin appearance have improved.  Finally, I was able to cut by half my prostate medication and soon I will be able to stop it altogether. Thank you!”
– Bernard Merry


“Chronic Skin Conditions Reversed in 10 Days”

“I had a severe skin condition (eczema) that I suffered from the last few years. My energy levels and generally my mood was not the best either. After working with Kostas and being familiar with his Kapelas Health and vitality System™ my life changed completely. Within 10 days my chronic skin conditions completely reversed. I feel so amazing, so different , bright and light! – just wanna to fly! Kostas! Just would like to thank you!”

– Nadezhda Chupik, Mother of 2 young kids

How I have Stopped my Asthma Medication Altogether

“After my basic training  on breathing retraining and a month of supervision, part of the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™, I have stopped  taken my asthma medication which I have started only  a few months ago. In addition to that my general well being has been improved – i perform better at sports, I feel healthier and I have more mental clarity. I have also learnt how to make better food choices as well as which supplements are  best for my health and  why .

I would recommend the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™  without any hesitation for everyone irrelevant their age or state of health.”

– Ektoras Charalambides, Director at MSE Congress Plus

Rest Better Sleep Less, Feel More Refreshed, Less Craving, Headaches Gone

I was most impressed with the results with the Scenar on my back pain even from the first session – brilliant!

– Andrew (AK)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the kinesiology treatment that you did with me. I must say that I feel considerably more energized

– Martha

I went to see Kostas as I had heard of kinesiology and was curious as to what it was and how it works. Kostas is a charming man with a very kind manner and allows you to feel at ease instantly. He explained everything to me as he went along and tested various parts of my body with ease and good understanding. With his help I was able to clarify some very interesting frustrations that I had been dealing with effortlessly and with incredible clarity! For that I am truly grateful. I would thoroughly recommend a kinesiology treatment and if you want knowledge, consideration and patience then Kostas is definitely the practitioner for you.

– Jackie (Hertfordshire)

“You are a wealth of knowledge and so full of life and energy. I am feeling so much clearer and aligned. As for the Emotion Code… absolutely brilliant. Thanks again for everything :)”

– Simone Narcheska, Energy healer and wellness coach

I had an odd few days after we met up. Lots of energy and then drained.
Feeling great today and digestion is excellent. Good job you did… thank you.

– Kim (KM)

I had pain on my back for few weeks especially when I was coming out from a hot shower. I had a quick treatment with Kostas and his scenar device and the pain gone later on the day without coming back. Very impressed and thankful.

– B K

I have come across time line therapy by chance, the owner of the Therapy Centre, where I was having EFT sessions at the time, has recommended Time Line Therapy (TLT) and Kostas to me.
Just only a few months ago, I was feeling very depressed and was desperate to sort out my problems and change my life; so I decided to give it a go.
TLT was a life changing experience for me. I have tried many different therapies over the past 10 years and although, they have helped me to overcome my negativity and release the sadness in my heart, nothing was as effective as TLT.
I was amazed at the results after the session, as we uncovered some deep-seated issues that I never even knew existed. It was not an easy journey for me and from time to time my subconscious mind tried to ‘sabotage’ the whole session in order to protect me. It needed a lot of persuasion to allow me to remember and release all the negative events that had caused me sadness, grief, fear or anger throughout my life since or even before birth. I have been feeling amazing since the session, my whole outlook on life has changed, and I feel calm and relieved. The things that used to bother or upset me are not significant anymore; I can’t even recall most of them. I no longer feel burdened, sad angry, upset and lost like I did before my TLT session with Kostas. I can get on with my life with a positive outlook.
I would highly recommend Time Line Therapy and believe everyone can benefit from it. TLT is a simple method with the possibility of achieving huge results.
I would also recommend Kostas as an excellent practitioner for this type of therapy. He is very professional and most importantly he makes his clients feel comfortable. Kostas is very knowledgeable on Time Line Therapy, which means anyone can benefit from his practice.

– NS, London

I had issues with my digestion and small intestine (I had surgery in the past and part of it was removed) and I had pains coming and going. I went to see Kostas mainly for the pain but he managed to help me with the root cause of my problem as well as to explain me how to deal better on my daily life. My pain was reduced considerably on the first visit and on the 2nd visit has gone completely. I was very happy and recommended him to other members of my family.

– Zarina