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Lose at least 10-16lbs or One Dress Size in 4 Weeks. Guaranteed Results!
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Wholistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback through muscle testing…
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Adopt a healthier, happier life through good nutrition….
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Take your first step in changing your health & life today….
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Health MOT

Is an effective way to determine your current overall well-being
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Colon Hydrotherapy

A safe and effective treatment for cleansing the large intestine of toxins
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Breathing Retraining

Reduce stress & anxious feelings, Optimise your Health & Energy levels…
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Electromagnetic (EMR) Survey

Exposure to high levels of EMR may lead to adverse health effects…
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Who says living a healthy life full of energy and vitality is difficult?

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Lola Tate

Simply Amazing. I came out of my first session with Kostas feeling like a new woman. There was a different kind of energy within me. I felt lighter, more relaxed and yet stronger. Kostas also provided a wealth of information and tips on things I could implement straight away at home. Small changes that had a huge impact. Thank you so much!!

Romy Jardine

Excellent super healthy detox and optimum health training regime. The detox helped reset our appetites and food tastes completely. Far healthier now than before. Thanks very much to Kostas and Lana.